It’s Offical…I’m Out of Control!

OK, so if I have more WIPS than is right for any human to be allowed, why, oh, why did I get more yarn today to start a new project? Granted it is for the shop to display and promote my Simple Tank Tops class…but still, I have to find the time to knit the thing!!!

I got some Tahki Classic Cotton for the yarn…combining a deep olive for the top portion, a thin stripe of fuschia, then an eggplant purple for the bottom. I also picked up some of the same yarn in a gorgeous deep teal (with seafoam for contrast!) for a simple t-shirt with no shaping. The pattern is from a class the owner of my shop teaches, and I’ve palyed around with several yarns to make it (I came very, very close to making it in my “signature color”…a deep blood red (blue undertone, not orange…yuck!) in Berocco’s Glace #2529)

So I’m thinking about trying my hand at a picot cast on…Never tried it before, but I think it might lend itself well to this tank top/shell. I’ll keep you posted (after I get back from the rubber room they are sure to stick me in for chossing yet another project!)


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