Scarves, Scarves, Scarves!

So I signed up for another project at work…why? ::::Thwakking forehead::: I have seventy-zillion in progress…but I can’t resist…it’s an addiction! I’m surrounded by yummy yarn all day, what dan I do?

Fortunately these should both go quickly. I’m about 1/4 way through both scarves. One is the Mesh Stitch Pattern (substitute the knits with purls) using Prism’s Kid Slique in color Mozambique (I love saying that…Mozambique…Mozambique…Mozambique!). Mozambique is a forresty-green mohair with a shiny varigated cord running throughout with pinks, yellow, lime, purple…very, very pretty!
The other is using a burnt orange shade of Trendsetter Sunshine and Trendsetter Cubetti (a new yarn!). It’s a diagonal garter stitch scarf….very cool looking so far. I am holding both strands together, then dropping the Cubetti for four rows to create a striping effect.

My co-manager will be teaching a dye workshop as a staff in-service this weekend, so we are off to buy supplies today!


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