Well, I finished the Sunshine/Cubetti scarf! I love it & it only took one skein of each (I wanted a shorter, skinnier, neckwarmer-type scarf). But I am so frustrated! I finished it Thursday & wanted to post a picture right away. Well, first I had trouble with my digital camera software…then the (extremely cheap!) camera itself! UGH! Grrrrr! But, I should be thankful I even have a camera at all (::::slapping my hand::::)!

I have a class this morning at the shop It’s part two of the mother/daughter (excuse me, parent/child!) learn to knit class I teach monthly. Either I will take another picture in the shop with better lighting (then you can envy me working in yarn heaven!), or else the bid I just placed on a new digital camera on eBay will come through and I can take a real picture with a real camera (albeit later next week)!

I’m excited about the class. I love working with kids and will be teaching our kids & teen summer camps at the shop. The kids had a great time with part one of the class. The youngest is 6 and the oldest is 9. Part one covered casting on & knitting; part two covers purling & binding off.


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