The Wedding Shawl…

I’m not sure that the ties pictured will stay, but here is the completed shawlettte for my friend’s wedding. Her bridal shower is tomorrow.

I babysat her when she was five & her sister was three. I was there the day her baby brother was born. I love this family so much & it is such an honor to make this for her.

For my wedding, one of our older friends, made my wedding dress. So it just feels like the tradition continues by making the shawl.

My only “project” related regret is that the crused velvet strips didn’t arrive before the shower. She lives in CT, so it will be hard to make the adjustment after the fact, but my dream was to have the strips of crushed velvet be the ties, however, I may change to a satin providing I can match the color when I get into the shop in the morning. C’est la vie….I’m always perfectionistic about these things, and others are usually very happy with the results so, though I can’t say I will ever really chill out about it, I need to just remember the reactions of those for whom I put love in every stitch.


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