The Knitting “Gang”

Got a thank you note today at church from the friends I made the Domino Throw for. Part of the note reads, “It will be a family treasure for years to come.” That really meant something to me. I have often considered knitting things to sell, but haven’t really been able to muster up the “want to” because it (to me) is such a personal thing. Just choosing the right project, pouring over yarns to get just the “right” ones, praying for the recipient(s) before beginning, thinking of them as I knit their item. All of this goes into each thing I make & it is really hard when you don’t have a relationship with the person you are knitting for.

After the big fuss made yesterday at the shower, I came home and really basked in the glow of making someone happy, and that, with my knitting, I, at last, have found a niche of some sort.
During the night, my son’s blood sugar was high (he has Type 1 diabetes), so I popped in a tape of an episode of Monk I missed this season, the one where he goes to work in an office, and what an episode to see after such a day. It so resonated with me.

Growing up, I had ADD. It was undiagnosed until adulthood, but the diagnosis was such a relief. Just to know and understand and have a framework, a context, to put my behavior through. I was such a social outcast because of my ineptitude and impulsivenss in speech and action. So when Mr. Monk goes to the office and finally feels as though he fits in…well, I guess it’s how I feel with knitting in a way.

I don’t consider myself to be “all that” as a knitter, but the love and thought that I put into each gift somehow gets communicated far better than my awkward social skills could ever convey. To have a medium for that, well, I am truly thankful.


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