The Shawl…Part 2

Lots of (happy) tears and lots of love flowed today, but the day is finally over and the shawl has been bestowed upon its rightful recipient. The bride-to-be was radiant, graceful, and looking expectanly toward her bright future with a wonderful man.

She loved the shawl and we hugged for some time, overcome by the moment. I have known her since she was five years old. She recently turned thirty and will marry in a matter of weeks. Her little brother sang at my wedding & she and her younger sister hosted the guest book. So many of the women I grew up admiring were there, and it was just one of those afternoons that you hold in your heart to warm you.

This family was the catalyst for me beginning to blog. The bride’s mom, who is my friend in her own right, in addition to being my mom’s best friend was undergoing surgery this past summer. I got all nostalgic thinking about how much she (and her family) have meant to me (and my family) and needed an outlet to ramble on about it. I made a scarf for her, visited her in the hosptial, and began blogging (albeit that first post timed out and never got to see the light of day). That caused me to search for a new “blogging home” and thus, I ultimately landed here.

After the shower today, my mother and I went out to dinner with my hubby & son. My son was quite the little charmer when he came to pick me up from the shower. Many had not seen him in years and he was his typical Mr. Wonderful. The ladies were especially appreciative of his good manners (his mama is quite proud of this…so I had to brag for a moment!)

As to my drama regarding the ties, I did find something I liked better at the shop & swapped them out and overall am as happy as I ever am about any of my work, critic that I am!

When I get shawl pix, I will post them.


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