Kitty Knitting…

Oooookay, I will confess that I thought that people who knitted for their pets (particualrly those who used their pets hair to do it!!) were a little odd. So here I am, several weeks after the “Great Kitty Rescue of ’05” smitten with a kitten and knitting for her!

After my hand-dying fiasco, I let the yarns sit around, since I wasn’t sure what to use them on or if they would ever stop smelling like wet animal hair, (which surprisingly, they just happen to be!!!). So I decided to combine the wool I hand-dyed with some pink Iceland given to me by the fabulous Susan, owner of Crystal Palace Yarns when I went on my field trip & tour earlier this year.

So far, I love the effect. I plan to finish it & felt it. Catherine loves it, too…playing with it, jumping on it & generally trying to sneak it out of my basket every chance she gets! Only the hand-dyed…none of the other yarns she could go after, so either it has a “secret, residual stink” from the dying process, or she just really loves the yarn, in which case, I chose just the right recipient. Maybe the yarn was just waiting for her to come into our lives?

You, too, can be a kitty knitter…opportunities abound! Vive la difference!


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