No! No More!

Arrrggh!! I’m in love…again! Just when I was actually starting to clear projects off of my UFO list and onto my FO list, along comes another project for me to love! Ugh! I don’t have room on my list for more stuff! If I knit from right now until the day I die, could I realistically finish all the projects I have loved like this?

So what has me consumed this time? The Lucky sweater (dumb name, awesome project!) at! Though I (think I) am a thoroughly hip forty-something, I often find knitty a litte too trendy, and a little too overdone (in that so many people are doing the projects…ala the infamous clapotis). I want to be fairly unique, original, cutting edge, but not so trendy that what I make will be out of style next season (I only made one poncho, and even that was done grudgingly). So though I hear the raves about knitty, I’ve yet to really jump onto the bandwagon….until now!

Anyhoo, I am using the sage green (they say Khaki…huh??) Calmer from Rowan. I am loving this!!


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