Two Converts!

The fashion show & scarf-a-thon went great! My mom & a few other friends stopped by to support the event. Mom decided that after a (::::mumbling how many years::::::) break, she’s decided to knit again! I had been telling her how much better it was than when she & I learned to knit: the needles are bigger…the yarn is better….So after much urging, she decided to try again, and was off and knitting in a matter of minutes! She did two rows that I saw & they were great!

Then one of the other friends who dropped by was so inspired, she decided to learn how to knit too!

Two of the ‘tweens from my Friday class came to support the event as well. Both wanted to make something for family friends with cancer. It was thrilling to see them so into a charitable event like this!

The garments in the fashion show were luscious, and the staff had a blast modeling them. The customers seemed to have a great time too! So many donated chemo caps & scarves!

Simply put, a banner day! Woooohooo ::::Happy Dance::::::


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