I am such a star-struck TNNA neophyte! I was just in awe of everything & everyone! I got to actually meet the Stacy Charles of Tahki/S. Charles (and also Diane Friedman who is the head of Tahki). Lexie Barnes is adorable! We had so much in common, I thought I’d hear “Twilight Zone” music any minute! Emma King is coming to teach at Knitting Arts this weekend, but I got to meet her at TNNA and she is cute as a button! I love that lilting accent (I love “Brilliant!”). Kari Luftus & the gang from one of my two favorite yarn companies, Blue Sky Alpacas were there. All I can say is there are some fantastic new colors coming, and a couple of new yarns to boot (oh, and some new patterns, too!)! I met Ken & June, owners of Westminster Fiber (parent company of my other favorite yarn company, Rowan!). Didn’t get to meet her, but saw La Lily in all her splendor! I did get to meet the Yarn Girls, Edie Eckman & Margaret Radcliffe (all so very nice!).

Went to the Fashion Show and the exclusive invitation-only TSC breakfast. Stacy Charles, Diane Friedman, Melissa Matthey, Esther Yun-Mancini, The folks at Vogue Knitting & Intervewave were all there. We got a preview & advance pattern book copies of the upcoming Spring/Summer lines.

Market is exciting, but grueling! Lots and lots of walking! And the hall was next to the Skater Boi conference (lotsa skating on the sidewalk and billows of cigarette smoke ::koff, koff::), so it was at the other end of the convention center.

But I loved the bustle of it all! The power shopping, seeking out new vendors, seeing what is out there. It’s exhilarating! And it goes by in the blink of an eye!


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