Knitting Olympics?

OK, I am so not an Olympics fan since my shattered childhood dream of becoming a world class skater 😛


I have a friend who is into the Olympics and just had a birthday…….


I may join the Knitting Olympics and do one of two scarves for my first-ever cabling project (now that I am fresh off my cocky first-ever intarsia high) :

Good Ole Cabled Scarf (loooove it….but not reversible, alas..but am told it is pretty on both sides anyway)

Irish Hiking Scarf (reversible – highly probable)


I absolutely cannot do it unless I finish both the Sideways Curly Fries Vest (3/4 done) & hubby’s Man Bag (somewhere between 2/3 & 3/4 done) – Doable if I totally haul (pix will surely follow of both + the intarsia blanket!)


What say you all? Should I go for it? Which scarf?


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