Good Ole Cabled Scarf

Thanks for the vote, Trek, but my friend (that I’m actually knitting the thing for!!) decided he’d like the Good Ole Cabled Scarf.

Anal doofus (just call me A.D.) that I am, I wanted to do exactly the right thing and be honorable in my intent, so I followed the letter of the law not to cast on before the Olympic flame was lit. I didn’t see the Yarn Harlot’s post that due to time differences, everyone could CO at 2 pm (2pm where? Huh??). And you know I am not a big Olympics fan…so it was somewhat torturous to sit for 3 hours, have them finally light the thing, and then have it be midnight & I’m too tired to knit now! UGH!!!!

But it is a thing of beauty! I’ve got about 7.5″ done, and it actually looks like a cable…woohoo!! I’m using Transitions by Noro & US size 10.5 needles. The only thing about cables is it is not mindless knitting!!! I mean I know it was supposed to be something challenging, but you can do a challenging sweater that has long periods of mindlessness! This pattern has you do something different every stinkin’ row!!! Which would tank if I actually cared about watching the Olympics, but since I don’t, it’s just slightly annoying to be tethered to a pattern.

Onward & upward!


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