Progress & Random Thoughts

In order to complete my scarf by the end of the Knitting Olympics (KO), I have to do (at minimum) 3″ per day. Each cable repeat is exactly 1.5″, so I must 2 per day. If I do one more repeat today, I will be on track.

It is interesting to see the reaction to the KO. I’m reading a lot of blogs. Some have embraced it for just the collective bit of knitterly fun it is, others are downright…hmm…what is the word? It’s hard to define, but it’s sort of like being a 7th grader, getting invited to the cool 8th grade party, and the folks who were invited but didn’t go being kinda, “Well, I didn’t want to go to that dumb old party anyway”…about it.

Some are pretty clear about not wanting to do it for whatever reason. I applaud them for being individualistic enough to know their minds. But the other backlash is kinda, well, unfathomable. Do it or don’t…I mean there have been some KALs that I thought were goofy, but I didn’t blog it and talk about how silly I may have thought it was. Wasn’t my cup o’tea, so I didn’t do it. End o’story.

Risking the collective wrath of the BlogWorld for daring to speak my mind…..


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