Love The One You Knit…

Okay, last night I was ready to pack in the Good Ole Cabled Scarf. Love the design, but wasn’t too sure about the yarn (just for this project, not in general).

Knitting is such a personal thing. You have to love the one you knit. It really is like a relationship, you have to have some interest in this thing in order for it to progress. Usually you pretty much know right away if it (the relationship, or the FO!) will work or not. I wasn’t feeling the vibe & wanted to chuck it…but I said I’d finish the skein. By then, I’d have gone through all the color & textural changes, and could see if this was gonna work. During my son’s Lego Robotics class today, I saw the scarf in true daylight and started feeling better about it. Hubby, who has a very severe litmus test for all things Manly, declared it manly enough for my friend and thus passed theUltimate True Test of Manly Scarf-ness.

25″ done & we are off to Spanish class for 50 (mostly) uninterrupted minutes of knitting time!


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