Oh no! I did a pattern repeat this morning after blogging last, and noticed a huge error (cabled front when it should have been in back). Given that I had never done cables before obviously I had never “fixed” an errant one and I was terrified! I was totally thinking of leaving it because a non-knitter prolly wouldn’t notice, but 1) It was making me crazy, and 2) It was not “knitting excellence” in the spirit of the Olympics.

I thought about getting some help from one of the Knitting Doctors at Knitting Arts, but one won’t be available ’til tomorrow, which meant losing some prime Knitting Olympics time…What to do??

Then hubby said I should tink it back and fix it (okay, he didn’t use those terms, but it’s what he meant), because it would be a valuable “learning opprotunity”…so after rolling my eyes (a lot), it’s what I did. Mathphobe that I am, I have no idea how I got my mind around it (prolly the same way as the 2 Colors, 2 Hands method), but I did and problem solved! I can prolly catch up & even go beyond where I was! WoooHooooooooooo! :::::happy dance::::


2 thoughts on “Snafu!”

  1. Great job on tinking back! Each time I add a new ability to my knitting it’s like opening a present šŸ™‚ Mama Bear

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