Back to the Future…

Note: This post has very little OKC (obligatory knitting content)…a rarity for me. But I am too excited about “my news!”

It’s weird how when one is young, you just can’t wait to grow up. When you are older, you think of your youth as “carefree”.

In my 100 Things About Me (coming soon!), you will find out that I never finished college. Close, (very close) but no cigar. Today I found out that I have been admitted to SFSU for Fall 2006 to finish my degree!

I look back now and realize how I didn’t appreciate my education as fully as I could have during my college years. Toward the end, my (as then undiagnosed) ADD was really in the way, and I didn’t understand why school was becoming so difficult.

Now, having the diagnosis, and the understanding & awareness that comes with it, I am fully prepared to take a final shot at school.

Yay, me!!!!

Okay, heres the OKC: I am at 67″ or so on the Knitting Olympics scarf…wooohooooo!


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