Use What You Have Month….

April is Use What You Have Month. I am so not up to the challenge. I am a bad, bad yarn fondler. It’s a professional hazard, working in “the biz” as I do. One of my many jobs is to receive the new yarn into inventory. And as a Professional Yarn Fondler, each ball, skein & hank must be subjected to rigorus fondling. Some of said yarn somehow manages to find its way to the register & into my bag before I can fully comprehend the import of such.

Then there is the Stash Management portion of the (waaaaay out of control) yarn purchasing show. I am blessed (?) to have a hubby to has an addiction of his own: comic books. No not the current ones you can get for a few bucks, but the “ever-so-rare-gotta-buy-on-ebay” kind that can set you back some serious duckets. So he’s not gonna quibble with my addiction and I leave his alone, as well (though I hear I am somewhat legendary at a few of the comic book shops!). So with both of our raging addictions clashing, how do we manage to buy, buy, buy and store, store, store all this swag? (No, really….answer me! LOL!)

So, I urge you do do as I say & not as I do this month and use your stash!


8 thoughts on “Use What You Have Month….”

  1. it’s good that you have a husband with his own addiction…’cause if he ever got upset with your purchases you can come back with, “but what about that new vintage 1953 superdude comic you bought that cost a gazillion dollars?”That would shut him up really quickly.

  2. If I had your job, I would just give up! I wouldn’t even pretend that I had any self-control where yarn is concerned, LOL. That’s why my LYS must never, ever hire me to do so much as even sweep out the place.

  3. Nik:Yes, girl! We are *both* most appreciateive of the other’s vice (enablers, I think is the technical term!) The mail came today & he mentioned it was a “very good buy….” 😀 Bwahahahahaaaaa…that must mean Mama gets to go shopping! LOL! 🙂Hugs,M. 🙂

  4. Del:I know! We joke, “Will work for yarn…” ’cause that’s really what it amounts to! However, I enjoy using the justification (notice how I did that!!! LOL!) that I am making things for *others*!!!Hugs,M. 🙂

  5. Hey that’s awesome- I never meet ppl who have the same situation I have- my husband is addicted to comics too. But new ones, not collectables, but lots of graphic novels and new storylines. So we have an agreement as well.Check out my new podcast btw, its my first episode, eeep!Emms

  6. oh man, the mantra among the girls in my group right now is knit from the stash, knit from the stash. my boyfriend give me a hard time whenever I say I need yarn for a project saying I already have too much…I’m moving in to his place so now he really notices!

  7. Marie,Use what you have? Give it up! There is no way I could see the yarn, and pick up the skeins and rub them on my face and…(oh no, I’m getting weak just thinking about it…LOL). I’m not even going to go in a store this month so I can put a dent in my stash.L’Tanya

  8. Use What You Have Month? Due to financial trouble, I’m begging for yarn! So far one Blogger has sent me a few skeins! {In return, I’ll send a handmade gift of Thanks!}I’m sooo broke, I can’t even afford Wally World…. 😦Take Care!

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