Obligatory Kitty Content

Yes, I’m a Knitting Kitty head! I broke down & applied to the ring, even though the relationship between being a knitting blogger & being owned by a feline is suspect at best! Here is a picture of Catherine and her adoring “brother”. When I am done with my current five billion and six WIPs, I hope to begin on the moebius basket from 2nd Treasury of Magical Knitting, Cat Borhi’s book (Cat is no relation to Cat(herine) just in case you were wondering!)


4 thoughts on “Obligatory Kitty Content”

  1. Yes, that’s my little guy! Thank you! Catherine is much bigger now (she was a couple months old in that pic), and you know how boys seem to grow just overnight! πŸ™‚Hugs,M.

  2. Beautiful! I should probably post my obligatory cat and dog pics on my blog sometime…:-)My next “thing” to tackle is a moebius-something…let me know how it turns out!

  3. Mary Lou is doing some moebious “something” at the retreat next weekend. There are a couple of cool moebious examples at the shop (a shawl & the felted bowl I mentioned….that’s where the longing came from…..!)Hugs,M. πŸ™‚

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