Mama’s New Toy!

Though he is in high-tech, he eschews most handheld gadgetry – yet looky what Techno-Hubby got me as an early birthday present!

They were out of the Cingular 8125 that I had been drooling over for months now, but in seeing it at the store, it’s kinda big & clunky. Anywhoo, my new best friend, Kevin, at Cingular says I can give it a test-drive for 30 days, by which time they will have the 8125 in stock. Meanwhile, check out the “I grew very fond of it rather quickly” Bluetooth technology, EDGE enabled, almost 1 gig having, internet capable (nothing like seeing your blog on your phone!) Blackberry 8700!

WooooHooo! Let’s hear it for the girl! 🙂

OKC (Obligatory Knitting Content):
I got the Noro Kureyon to begin my samples for the retreat (I’m teaching intarsia, cables & a ruffle scarf). The Kureyon is for the cables.


2 thoughts on “Mama’s New Toy!”

  1. Grrrl! Not only that, but he stayed up last night (though he had a cold!) and made some MP3 ringtones for me with our custom program 🙂 Not only did he get the phone, but he had to upgrade our phone plan for data access, so it’s the gift that keeps on giving! Is it any wonder I love this guy?(Now I can moblog! Scary!)Hugs,M.

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