Knitting Tips From My Son

Here are some valuable knitting tips from my seven-year-old son:

* You’re a good knitter if you can catch your mistakes
* Keep your stitches up so you don’t stretch your yarn
* Don’t go around your needles twice!
* Don’t stop in the middle of a row!
* Keep your yarn in your project bag so you don’t get germs & dirt on it & stuff…

So, you got that knitting world?


2 thoughts on “Knitting Tips From My Son”

  1. I love this… purls of wisdom from the young’uns!!!Emms 😀 (Taking notes of course!!! Much to learn!)

  2. I know! He said some other stuff too, but I was having such a great time with him, I didn’t break away write them down!!! But it blew me away how much he was listening to all that I said when I taught him & that it’s still in there!!! 🙂Hugs,M. 🙂

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