The lovely April came into the shop today, and (very nicely) told me to make with the updates, so here ya go:

The retreat was a blast! From all accounts (2 blogs (Spinnity’s & the aforementioned Miss April’s), several phone calls, and a few who stopped in this week), a good time was had by all…and I heartily concur.

My “boys” (hubby & son) came down on Friday night. With Carmel’s world-reknowned culture oozing out of every possible street turn, where do the guys head first? Target!

Saturday I taught two classes during the day: Intarsia & Cables…both introductory. I had just a stellar group of ladies who really outdid themselves.

I was scheduled to teach a Ruffled Scarf class the following morning, but a few of us had schedule conflicts, so we held the class Saturday night. We had fun, some surprise guests (a marathon-running bride!), and learned some new skills.

Sunday morning we went to services in Marina, then back to pack up. After an obligatory stop at Lush (which is just that!!!!), it was back home.

Pix courtesy of my seven-year-old who actually did a great job even though he took these while walking & not stopping (an oxymoron for sure…I mean, do seven-year-olds ever stop???)


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