Old Dogs, New Tricks…

Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks! I deemed this year “The Year I Will Advance In My Knitting Knowldege” and how true that has been. So far this year I have:

* Taught myself Intarsia (but also took a class to reinforce it). I guess I did well, because I now teach Intarsia!

* Learned to Cable (teach that now, too)

* Learned a Moebius Cast-On

* And……..drum roll, please…..Last night, I taught myself the Applied I-Cord Edge Bind-Off from the aforementioned Cat Bordhi’s book


One thought on “Old Dogs, New Tricks…”

  1. Good for you girl! About 90% of the things I know to do in knitting and in computers I have taught myself too! I would say the 10% is me not being sure that I am completely knowledgeable and taking a course to reinforce, and then doing really well in the course because I already do know what am doing. Ah. so funny. Anyway, much props!!!Emms 😀

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