Mama’s (Other) New Toy! (aka Ode to a Handheld)

Okay…so I did love the Blackberry 8700…But, truly, we met too late…my heart already belonged to the Cingular 8125. Blackberry, I tried to forget my first love…and you helped with all your charms & endearing ways. They way you delivered my mail seamlessly without me having to “send/recieve” (as I do now) will probably be the thing I miss most about you. I loved how you easily installed, how I could get Google Maps in such clear pixeled detail. But then, just as I began to think maybe we had a future, the Cingular store finally got a new shipment of the 8125’s, and mama has a brand new toy…..

8125, (may I call you 81 for short?), I almost threw you across the room in violent frustration when I first unpacked you after eagerly anticipating your arrival. You took two stinking, precious, non-knitting hours out of my life that I will never, ever get back again. But then, after you finally imported my contact list, I held out a glimmer of hope. Then, you got me locked out of my Gmail account, not once but twice in trying to configure my seamless e-mail push…and then made me switch firewalls that I also had to spend time away from knitting to reconfigure…I began to regret my hasty pushing away of Blackberry.

You must have sensed this, because then you seduced me with sites allowing free downloads of games like Mah Jongg, Dots, Tetris, Tic-Tac-Toe, Uno of all things…and so many others…I began to love you again and see the potential that drew me to you in the first place. When my family went out for a casual stroll and encountered a mama duck and her babies, there you were, with your camera ready, to capture such unexpected adventures.

After spending a morning with some tech guy at Cingular (see, you are already helping me make new friends!), I finally got your e-mail issues worked out. So much so, I was a bad Founding Mama, and read them during my TKGA Guild meeting last night.

I spent hours pouring over websites finding just the right games to download. I found handy things like Tip Calculators, prgrams to help monitor my son’s Type 1 diabetes when we go out to eat, and all sorts of neat things.

But, I have found, that despite my love for you, a lot of people seem to have real issues with your grandpa, Bill Gates. Folks just don’t seem to wannna make knitting software for Windows Mobile products (hint, hint, developers!!) However, I love you in all of your Microsoft Glory!

Sites with cool knitting software for handheld devices (or links to):,aid,118551,00.asp



2 thoughts on “Mama’s (Other) New Toy! (aka Ode to a Handheld)”

  1. I don’t have a palm pilot anymore, its been two years, and I still miss it. Maybe one of these days I will get another mobile device… but its kewl to live vicariously thru your adventures for now!emms

  2. Wouldn’tcha know, I dropped the thing today! I never drop phones….arrrgghhh!!! Just shows ta go ya! It’s just cosmetic (and on the back!), but after 70 ba-zillion phones & never marring one, wouldn’tch know *this* would be the one! Argh!

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