Hubby’s Man-Bag

I can say this here, because, as of yet, my dear hubby is not yet one of my legion of adoring daily readers 😉

I’ve been working on a “man-bag” (term borrowed from football great Tiki Barber, but really, think messenger bag), for months now. It was supposed to be an anniversary gift (our anniversary was almost 5 months ago), now it’s being re-invented as a birthday gift (his birthday is tomorrow).

Why is it so hard? It’s an easy pattern (ought to be, I made it up & Mama doesn’t do a lot of math!). The yarn is great (aren’t they all??). I guess it is just because it’s the Endless Project That Would Not Stop. I’m felting it, so it’s big enough, presently, to swim in. So, I guess I’m just over it….But at the same time dying to see how my own invention comes out!

One of my favorite features is that it is supposed to have leather cording as trim around the edges. I can’t do that until I actually: A) Finish the thing!!! Arrgghhh!!! B) Felt the thing; and C) It dries…completely!

Guess what? If I were to knit from now ’til midnight, I’d prolly finish it, but I seriously doubt that it would dry & the cording is gonna be a bear to do because there’s a lot to trim! And, I can’t knit from now ’til mindnight, because I have to be a responsible Professional Yarn Fondler and go and professionally fondle some yarn at the shop today (amongst other important duties and classes!)

I’ll keep you posted!


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