Yeah, yeah, people talk about project monogamy (those people who actually believe (gasp!) in finishing a project before starting another!)…and maybe they are onto something.

As with most everything in my life, I tend to be pretty much in the middle….seeing both sides of an issue. I can see why people adopt the project monogamy rule.

Having ADD as I do, it’s not an easy task. When I see pretty yarn, it’s like a moth to the flame, yanno? And I personally need to have more than one project going at a time, just because I often do get bored working on just one thing.

However, working on seventy-billion-and-ten has got to stop. I need completion. My goal before I leave for TNNA next week is to finish one of two projects: Either the City Chic Sweater or the Sideways Curly Fries Vest (#2).

Hold me accountable, Blogosphere!


6 thoughts on “Must…..Narrow…..Focusssss….”

  1. I know what you mean. I’ve been experimenting with this monogamy thing myself. I’m focusing on how good completion feels. When I get bored, I put it down and read rather than picking up another project. I get books read… projects done…it’s all good!

  2. Forget monogamy!!! LOL.I just cannot do it. The least amount of projects I’ve had at any time is 2–I try to limit myself to 4, though.

  3. Me, I try to limit myself by outside means.. For example, refusing to let myself purchase more needles. If my needles are already taken, then I’ll just have to finish that project! (Of course, “finish” means get it off the nedles, which does not include the actual finishing. Do you have trouble doing that, too?) Just found your blog through the Knitting Blogs ring, by the way!

  4. See, Molly, *you* have the kind of restraint I need….It’s a little harder though, when you *work* in a yarn shop as I do…. 😉

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