TNNA Indianapolis…

I had a blast! The yarns were luscious; the people were amazing; the knitterati were out en masse; the manufacturers treated us like royalty; and I got to fondle enough yarn to last…well….well, to last awhile, let’s say! 🙂

I met: Vickie Howell of Knitty Gritty. A total doll. She lives life at a 100 miles an hour, but she’s a sweetheart. I staked out the front of the line because I wanted autographs for… (can’t tell you for whom yet, don’t want the old blog spoiling any surprises!!!)…plus she signed a copy of her new book for me.

Additionally, I met some cool new line buddies. A shout out to Heidi from Kentucky; and Lizzie, award-winning intern for Tahki/S. Charles in the Pathways into Professional Needlearts program (PIPN).

I got to meet Nicky Epstein, Rita Weiss, Candi Jensen and Debbie Stoller (who signed the Happy Hooker book for me & wouldn’t that be the time my fingers got all fumbly and didn’t take the picture right…it didn’t save to my phone…arrgghh!!!). Our shop owner, Jan Hurwitz, has two (amazing) designs in her new 2007 calendar!

Though I met them last time, I still get star struck around the Stacy Charles of S. Charles; Diane Friedman, owner of Tahki; the magazine folks, Pam Allen of Interweave and Adina Klein of Vogue; Esther Yun-Mancini, Art Director for TSC; and Nancy Thomas, Creative Director for TSC.

We went to the invitation-only Tahki/Stacy Charles (TSC) breakfast & got a preview of the upcoming trends. They always put together an amazing breakfast, packed with information and in such a well-done fashion. We got advance copies of a few Fall mags, and some of the pattern books. Y’all are in for a treat this upcoming season!

Westminster also invited us to their breakfast. Fashion show and goodie bags filled with yarn, need I say more? Now I know what the stars feel like backstage at the awards show with the goodie bags…LOL!

We also had a blast when we went out to grab a bite at the Indy Circle City Mall Johnny Rockets. You haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen the guys perform Stayin’ Alive!

And I came home to a spotless house! Gotta love it! Those boys of mine finally got the storage space to put all of hubby’s eBay stuff and all our extra boxes away! I have closets again! Wooo hooo! Major points for the boys!


2 thoughts on “TNNA Indianapolis…”

  1. dude! i have to work with Nancy T. I’m star struck!Ps. My dad googled me and found your site. HOW NERDY!

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