So I’m really chugging away on The JurorBack: check; Front: Just under the halfway point. So why the Drama Queen “Noooooooooooooooooooo”???

I woke up to a wristful o’ pain!

I can switch to Continental but it will make my gauge a little wonky (and I *am* working on the front, mind you!!). I can wear my ever-so-attractive wrist brace (courtesy of a double case of pregancy induced carpal tunnel 8 years ago); or I can not knit for a week (and absolutely lose whatever small shred is left of my sanity & that of those around me….not to mention the fact I would lose a week of VKT (Valuable Knitting Time) and my son’s birthday is a week and 3 days away (and this is one of his gifts!)).

Hmmmm….which door to choose?


2 thoughts on “Nooooooooooooooo!”

  1. Oh no!!! I really hope your wrists get better soon. If you absolutely MUST knit, I’d opt for the brace.

  2. Thanks, Del! It seemed to clear up on its own, though I do get a “twinge” now and again to warn me to pace myself! 🙂Hugs,M. 🙂

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