Such a Big Boy…and Other Musings….

Sorry for not posting after scaring you all with my “wrist drama”. It is better & seemed to take care of itself, though I get the occasional “gentle reminder” to pace myself & watch it!

I haven’t posted because it’s been one of those crazy roller-coaster of a ride weeks. My will-be-eight-year-old-next-Monday started diabetes day camp this past Monday. My son has the genetic, auto-immune, insulin-dependent Type 1 diabetes. They have an awesome day camp nearby, underwritten by all the big companies (thank you!), and, just as God would have it, the nurse assigned to his team just so happens to be the nurse we used to see at his doctor’s office (she recently retired)!

He’s having a blast, but poor mama is having a tough time that her big little man is off each morning with barely a “see ya, Mom”. You wait for this day, where your child is secure and independent, but when it comes, its a bittersweet pill!

But he misses me tremendously and tells me so. Each night he asks for “cuddle time” with me, and crashes snuggled up to my side. It warms my heart and I wonder how many more of these precious golden moments I will have before he gets “too big”. Hopefully, he’ll always have a hug or two for me!

On the knitting front, I took advantage of the week to teach knitting camps. There are two 2-hour camps each day: 1 for knitters; 1 for non-knitters. In addition, I had a regularly scheduled Knitting Refresher Course tonight that I taught as well!

So Mama’s been a little busy this week. The Juror is coming along famously. I do have to jam on with it though, given my pace is slowed down with the wrist thing, and I am humming along on a project I am teaching for a free workshop this weekend.


One thought on “Such a Big Boy…and Other Musings….”

  1. my baby boy turned at at camp july 1. he did not even bringa stuffed animal. it made me sad. i am so glad your son has a great camp to go to also!

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