Melba Sue…

Hate the name & the yarns used, but love the pattern. I’m subbing Rowan’s All Seasons Cotton instead of the yarns recommended. 2 are varigated, 3 are solids. I’m also doing a little reverse stockinette for a few of the rows. So far I have about 3″-4″


2 thoughts on “Melba Sue…”

  1. Thanks! I just posted my progress, so you’ll get a sense of the “re-vamped” color scheme. BTW, we just got in a new batch of Manos. There is one colorway that is brown & blue…made me think of your blog post last week! However, you *have* to see it…it’s actually *gorgeous*…the only time I’ve ever said that for that particular color combo!Hugs,M. 🙂

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