Finished…With Finishing!

I simply despise finishing….necessary evil or no. So I have found a solution: Your own personal Finishing Fairy!

It’s ironic, because in the classes I teach, I talk about the necessity of learning to correct mistakes, because there are no “Knitting Faeries”, but apparently there are “Finishing Faeries”! And hooray for them!

I finally finished City Chic, but hated how the finishing was (not) coming along. So I emplored Knitting Arts very own Knitting Doctor, legendary local, Gunilla Leavitt, to do it for me, et voila…finished!

Gunilla is worth every penny you can scrounge out of the sofa cushions, plus some!

Yes, I know…it’s a good skill to know, and I will attempt to master it, but it sure is nice knowing I have my own personal Finishing Fairy!


4 thoughts on “Finished…With Finishing!”

  1. Yay for finished projects! And even more yay for the fantubulousness of a Finishing Fairy. I need to find me one of them, yupyup.

  2. It’s gorgeous! The color is definitely eye catching!!! I hope to have a finished *adult-size* posted soon! 😀

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