My Week….

Sorry for not writing much this week. I have asthma, and one of my triggers is heat/humidity and we’ve had that in spades this week! I’ve averaged a couple of asthma attacks each day since Sunday, and am very thankful the weather seems to be cooling off (for now….). I haven’t been outside in almost a week & I’m going a little stir crazy!

I have to very publically thank my husband and son, who have waited on me hand and foot and have been basically all-around wonderful guys (this is nothing out of the ordinary, but this week it’s worth a special mention!)

I didn’t feel much like knitting between coughing fits, wheezing and general chest spasms, but I did manage to knit a little on Melba and hope to have it done soon.

I’m teaching a basic Fixing Mistakes class this weekend, along with one on Intarsia, and I think we’ll have a lot of fun!


2 thoughts on “My Week….”

  1. Ugh.. sorry to hear about your asthma attacks–that’s awful! I’m glad your husband and son were so helpful when you needed them.And I wouldn’t worry about lack of knitting progress.. no one who knows what an asthma attack is like should blame you for not making a lot of progress!! Hope you feel better quickly as the weather improves.

  2. Aieee. Hopefully the weather cools enough to make life bearable for you. And kudos to Hubby and Son for being the all ’round swell guys they are.

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