Mi Carro Nuevo!

So y’all know about the week I had: It’s better, but I’ve had some complications that are worrisome, but hopefully, too, will soon pass. So, it thrilled me no end to finally have my own set of wheels again! Hubby bought me a (new to me, at least!) car!

After learning to drive at the ripe old age of 29, I never had a car of my own until I “retired” from full time work at 33. Hubby picked me up from work on my last day in a car we bought from a friend. But, it didn’t live very long (a year or two maybe), and until now, we’ve shared a car. I’m not complaining because I feel blessed to have a car at all! But, when I had my last car, we were living in San Francisco, which has pretty decent transportation, so you could still get around with one car (or without a car at all). Here in Silicon Valley, everything is so spread out…and when you homeschool, you really feel the lack of your own set of wheelz!

This isn’t the greatest pic ever. I’ll have to take a better one another time! We just signed the paperwork this morning and inked the deal with a friend from church.

Yay, me! And, yay for wonderful hubbies!

Obligatory Knitting Content (OKC): The classes yesterday went great! We had a lot of fun & I had two great groups of students!


3 thoughts on “Mi Carro Nuevo!”

  1. OMG!!!!! You husband is scoring major points. Good for you and I’m glad you’re feeling better. Can’t wait to see it.

  2. Hooray for cars! You must feel so liberated to now be able to get around whenever you want. Hope your asthma is getting better. Mine has been lousy today… 🙂

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