Yarn Fun…

And, it’s not me! I still continue to struggle with my asthma, so there hasn’t been a whole lot of knitting going on. Though I have been doing a lot of teaching! I had Knitting Camp last week, in addition to a Cables class. This weekend I teach Fixing Mistakes & Beginning Hats. My Teen & Tween Class also finished a (very ambitious 30 panel!) blanket for one of the members of our class who is moving back to her native England. And Guild Night was this week, too. So, as this picture demonstrates, though it may not be me, yarn fun continues to be at a premium here at mi casa!


One thought on “Yarn Fun…”

  1. ooohh, your kitty is GORGEOUS!!! Looks like she’s not letting go of that yarn “until it thunder” as my dad loves to say, LOL. It’s crazy that you mention your asthma because I was recently diagnosed with exercise-induced asthma. I recently had an attack in the middle of watching Idlewild at the movie theater that was might embarrasing!! I truly feel your pain!!!

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