Sorry I have been MIA….I haven’t blogged or even read my “usual” blogs in forever! So much has been going on! The biggest, and most exciting change is that we are in the process of adopting two children (siblings)! It wasn’t something we were actively looking to do, but the opportunity presented itself and we are so very excited!

This in and of itself means a chain reaction of sorts: we are moving to bigger quarters (here in the same town) and I am scaling back on some of my professional duties to manage the transition from one child to three (and homeschooling same!)

Our future daughter just turned five (finally, I have a girl to knit for!!!!), and our future son is 3-1/2. Their future big brother is beside himself with joy at the prospect of playmates 24/7 (or so he thinks!)

Send lots of positive thoughts our way….We are being blessed daily with incredible answers to our prayers and what we thought would be huge obstacles are melting in our path!


5 thoughts on “MIA….”

  1. Just thought I would pop over and say ‘Hi”. I saw your post on AWL and noticed you were a fellow knitbogger! Yay for knitting! There is another AWL mom who is a knitblogger as well…Good luck with the adoptions… my (knitted) hat is off to you!

  2. Happiness to you and your family! Have fun knitting for your daughter! I am sure you will be posting all the knitted goodies! Have fun.

  3. so excited for you! i used to babysit for a family of 4 siblings that were adopted. they spoke no english, parents…no spanish. they were a wonderful family!congratulations!

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