Girl Knitting!!!

As discussed in my previous post, we’re adopting! And, as discussed, I am over the moon at the thought of finally knitting for a girl! I have loved knitting for my son, but until the Yarn Girls book
came out, there was a dearth of cute patterns for boys….ugh! So now, I am working on the front of The Good Guest from the abovementioned Yarn Girls book. I subbed the yarn for my very favorite yarn of all time, Rowan’s Calmer. Don’cha love it?? And, even though I have exactly a hundred and eleventy-six moving-related things I ought to be doing, somehow I am only finding time to “girl knit”…..hmm…. (In all fairness to the boys, I am designing a matching duo of brother vests…more on that later….)


3 thoughts on “Girl Knitting!!!”

  1. Hi there. I just stumbled onto your blog and congratulations! I’m a homeschooling mama of four, with only one boy. Girl knitting is very fun. Now you’ll also have another boy to hand things down to, which is a special delight all in itself in my family.Nice to “see” your stuff!

  2. Jealous! All boys in my house, including the cat. More for me I guess. Congratulations on the adoption. It’s a beautiful experience.

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