We heard from our Social Worker today, “off the record”, that the adoption homestudy is being submitted as approved!!! We are *so* excited! And, it is only fitting that we discover it today, on our birthmother’s birthday. Happy Birthday, L., and thank you!

We move tomorrow, and hopefully, life begins to settle into *some* sort of rhythm! As to knitting, I am working on a cabled scarf for L., our birthmom, and I just side 2 of the dress for my daughter! I never tire of hearing, saying, or seeing that… daughter!!

Also, there is space in my free Intarsia class tomorrow, so if you are in Silicon Valley, call the shop to register!


3 thoughts on “Semi-Official!”

  1. Congrats on the adoption! How great for you to spread the love. How great for this little one to come in to a knitter’s house. Smile.Knit on!

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