Who Needs A New Hobby?

……Not me! But guess who has one? I do…Am I nuts? (Don’t answer!)

I used to sew, cross-stitch and rubber stamp. I wanted to learn soap- and candle-making. When I started homeschooling my son a few years ago, I purchased a scrapbook, and intended to chronicle our year, but sadly, felt it was too much to do in addition to schooling, and, sadly, had no talent for it.

Fast forward to now….(I’ll wait…)…To acclimate our new children, our social worker suggested a scrapbook of our home and family. So, with a huge scrapbooking section at my local Big Lots(!), I have become one of them….The Scrapaholics! Ay-yi-yi! And, I guess I do okay because my hubby said, “And you always say, ‘I’m not artistic…'”

Anyway, I took some time off of knitting, though I certainly can’t afford it…not with Stro-anzza around the corner (I’ll save explaining that one for another post!) and my youngest son’s birthday in a matter of days…but I needed to rest my hand muscles, so I scrapbooked today, and was really pleased with the results.

Okay, off to Benihana now…….yuuuuuummmmmmmm!


2 thoughts on “Who Needs A New Hobby?”

  1. My dedicated “scrapping” friends kind of scare me, just so you know. I’m sure it’s lovely, really. And your hands probably appreciate the rest, anyhow.

  2. hey scrappin’ girl! how is the family stuff going? got the kiddos yet?
    navpress has a great adoption book- “whole life adoption” i think. highly recommend it!

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