Red Scarf Project: Press Alert & Corporate Sponsors!

Okay! This Red Scarf Project of my son’s is snowballing rapidly! In only four days, he’s received commitments for over 40 scarves!! If everyone follows through, he’s almost halfway toward his goal of 100 scarves! Thanks to all our knitters & crocheters!

The ever-generous owner and Knitter-in-Chief of Knitting Arts, Jan Hurwitz, has thrown the shop’s support behind the project. Check the website over the next coupla days and you’ll see the project (and my cutie!) profiled! Additionally, Jan hooked us up with some press! The Los Gatos & Saratoga local newspapers are jointly doing a story on charity knitting. Our family was interviewed by the reporter, Marianne Lucchesi Hamilton, and we went to Knitting Arts today for the photo-shoot (can you say, “I’m ready for my close up, Mr. DeMille?”). The story is slated to run the week of my birthday (April 15-21), so check it out if your local!

We’re also getting publicity through L’Tanya Durante’s Black Purl Magazine. She’s going to post a blurb in the next newsletter…Wooo hooo!

Thanks to both companies, the newspapers and all the crafters involved! You *rock*!


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