Techno-Hubby Knits!

In an effort to support Nikko in his Red Scarf project, Techno-Hubby (aka Sebastian or Stro) has picked up needles and has learned to knit. Under the expert tutelage of his son (and yeah, okay, occasionally his wife!), he has managed to cast-on and knit an impressive 11.25″ in just a couple of hours (yes, large (#13) needles and chunky yarn were involved!)! His tension is great and handwork impressive for a neophyte! We’ve converted another one to the Knitty Side of the Force!

He says now he understands many of the Knitting Mysteries that plagued him watching me knit. He thought it was hugely ironic that last night I was on the computer and he was sitting up in bed knitting…and I heartily concur, Mr. Programmer!

In related news, Nikko is almost halfway at his goal (in commitments, not actual scarves…yet!). He’s up at the Knitting Arts website as of this morning…Woo hoo…Way to go, Son!


4 thoughts on “Techno-Hubby Knits!”

  1. “Techno-hubby” is an awesome nom-de-blog for the Mr. Tee hee. I am heartily glad to hear he tried it and apparently liked it!

  2. Thanks, Spinnity! I smell an addiction forming (he’s been talking quite a bit about knitting today!) The only cloud on the horizon is, is there enough room for *two* yarn stashes (not to mention his comic collection!)?

  3. Awrighty now! Hubby’s knitting. Wait until he finds out that pattern instructions are a form of algorithms. A friend of mines’ husband learned to knit, and became so good at it, she stopped. Now she gets the sweaters, LOL.

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