Awesome 43rd Birthday!

It doesn’t get too much better than this! Hubby and “The Boy” went to get coffee and a parfait at Starbucks this morning and I was served breakfast in bed (no tiara, I still had “bed head”). After a day of shopping at all of my favorite stores (loooooove the shopping, but I never get anything for me….love to shop for the house, hubby & the kids!), we had lunch, and later on, dinner in The City, with my mom and family friends I grew up with.

Lots of phone calls, e-mails and cards….overall, it was a great day!

Obligatory Knitting Content: Hubby and son were the cover photo of one of our local papers that did a piece on charity knitting. Nikko’s project was highlighted. I will try to scan and post by the weekend.


One thought on “Awesome 43rd Birthday!”

  1. Happy Birthay, Marie! Sounds like you did it up right. Too bad we didn’t know to bring you a birthday cupcake at Knitting Guild!

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