I Love All Things Italian…Except SPAM!

With regrets, I announce that I am closing Nikko’s webring to new entries. I’ve been getting huuuuge amounts of Italian porn spammers applying to the ring….arrrrgghhh!!!!! My notes to Ringsurf have gone largely ignored, so I had no other alternative. If you really feel you must be part of the Nikko Revolution, contact me & I’ll do a workaround to get you into the ring! πŸ™‚

On a happy note, Nikko does have about 25% of his goal met…but just in time for The Orphan Foundation to announce they are limiting entries to 5 per person. My e-mails to them have not been answered, either 😦 But, I will persevere and figure it all out (I have volunteers willing to send some of his scarves). Also, biiiiiiig reminder that scarves really need to be unisex! Unless there are some exceptionally confident college guys out there, the Fun Fur ain’t gonna fly! πŸ™‚

Also, note the new date: September 1st – October 15! If you are planning to participate, make sure you get those scarves in to Knitting Arts by the new deadline, not the end of December, as previously announced. Thanks to all who are knitting/crocheting away!


2 thoughts on “I Love All Things Italian…Except SPAM!”

  1. Hi…I am just stopping by. I am on the Master Knitters Web Ring. Spam, in both forms, is yucky…especially porn spam!!Jenni

  2. I’mm send some in for you Marie, if you’ll tell me how. I volunteer Aaron as well, he will do my bidding…(said in spooky, evil plan voice).

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