Woo Hoo! I *So* Rock!

My family teases me because, at the drop of a hat, I will tell anyone, “You so ROCK!” I’ve said this to servers at restaurants, the folks at AT&T who hooked me up with my phone…I guess next to “ya think?” the phrase, “You so rock!” is my catchprase! So imagine my surprise when the lovely Jen, (creator of Craft Kitten, kitty mama to 7 (we’re kitty-in-laws…our kitties are sisters!), and new Auntie to the adorable Vivi) tagged me as a “Rockin’ Girl Blogger!” (and she said some nice stuff about me too…she likes me, she really, really likes me!) So, I now tag:

L’Tanya: entreprenurial spirit behind Black Purl Magazine, and just an all-around sweet person in general;


Christy: My little sister, protegĂ© , still newlywed, and someone I have never seen cranky or say a cross word about another soul –


: My lunch bud and one of the smartest people I know – she knows something about just about everything (can you say “feudal Japan?”) – maybe this is the kick in the butt you need to start blogging again, because I miss you and your blog is how I keep up with you!

Y’all can consider yourselves tagged – cause you so ROCK!


One thought on “Woo Hoo! I *So* Rock!”

  1. Wow…my first tag! In my first week with my first blog!! I’m so touched!!!I know it’s against the rules to tag you back, but if I’d gotten this meme first, I so would.

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