It’s Official!

I’m a mom, once again! Our adoption of a brother/sister sib set was finalized a week ago today! Why are you hearing about it a full week later? Well, many reasons:

  • We were in an area of the country without reliable internet or cellular connectivity
  • Hello! I’m the mother of three, now! I can’t just blog any old time, yanno! Get a life!
  • Okay, I’m kidding with the second one (well, the “Get a life” part…The other, not so much!). But it is wonderful and glorious to be a new mom, once again! Here’s a pic of the cake made for us (ignore the wonky name spellings…we have names that are hard to spell correctly!)…Enjoy!


    9 thoughts on “It’s Official!”

    1. Marie:Congratulations to you and your entire family. Sasha and I send along our best wishes.DianeSan Jose, CA

    2. Yay! Im soo happy for you! Youve been a wonderful mother to Nikko, I know you’ll be a fantastic mother to Renee and Jay as well.

    3. YEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Hubby and I are totally keeping your new family in our prayers. You are one Rockin’ Mom, and I love you and yours so much!

    4. Awesome, Marie! Congratulations to the whole fam! I hate to be this shallow, but I’m afraid my knitter’s mind really wants to know… did the sweater you designed fit? Did the dress fit? (Talk about missing the forest for the trees — but that was the first thing I thought of!)

    5. Spinnity: The dress is fine. I stopped work on the sweater in March, when I realized that all the delays were pushing finalization to Summer (who wears a sweater in the South during Summer?) And when one is 4 – 1/2 growth occurs rapidly, so I knew by the time he could wear it, he would be closer to 5, so I am resizing & reknitting…Pinful, but true!

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