Red Scarf Project: Norma Rocks!

As you know, my son has been knitting for the Red Scarf Project. He started this drive waaaaaaay back in March, before OFA changed its guidelines to limit scarves to five per person or organization. Currently, he’s a little over 60% of the way toward his goal of 100. And, he’s generated some good PR buzz along the way.

So, when OFA changed the guidelines, I wrote them about my amazing kid (yeah, okay, so I’m biased!), I got back, what I will term out of an Austen-esque sense of decorum and politeness, a “poorly worded” response from them.

Here it is, a few weeks out from the deadline. My son has over 60 scarves, with more coming in each day. So, out of frustration and a desire not to discourage the budding philanthropist in my son, I wrote to the ever cool, Ms. Norma Miller of Now Norma Knits fame. Lemme tell ya folks, this lady rocks!

Apparently, though OFA has their hearts in the absolutely right place, they are, shall we say, a little lacking in the communication department. It would appear as though I am not the only one to have a less-than-stellar experience with them this year.

I don’t take the power of the internet lightly. I’ve avoided writing about this because I really don’t want to bash these good folks. But, I also have a responsibility to my son to keep his little spirit intact. Yes, we could have friends send scarves in for us (as many have offered), but would it not still be the same amount of scarves?? And, we specifically solicited people to create for this cause, and I don’t want to abuse that trust (even though some people prolly wouldn’t mind, I can’t speak for all of them…and many I don’t even know to even ask!)

La Norma is having a pow wow with OFA this week to gently let them know about the PR backlash, and so I am hoping to hear something about Nikko’s Red Scarf Project.


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