FO: Vest!

A little friend of ours turns three this weekend and looky, looky, looky what he’s getting! And….drum roll, please….I actually did Knitting Math! Yes, this ADD girl, who has severe mathophobia, converted this flat pattern to circs – and it was easy, peasy, lemon-squeezy! Woo hooooooo! Plus, I changed the cables so that they were mirrored cables (both front and back, thank you very much)! Additionally, I fiddled with the decreases on both the armhole edge and neck edge, so that they were mirrored as well.


Pattern (not sure if this link will allow you to go there without registering, but hey, I’ll try!):
Cable Vest

Yarn: Luna by Cascade: MC #715; CC #730

Needles: US #7


3 thoughts on “FO: Vest!”

  1. Thanks, KP! I’m hardly a “math prodigy” yet, but this definitely has encouraged me not to write a pattern off as having “too much” math…!Thanks, Christy! Yes, it *is* for someone cute, but I doubt you’ll see it, as it isn’t for one of my guys, but rather a friend of ours. So unless his mom gets bitten by the knitting or crocheting bug (and, trust me, I’ve tried!!), you may have to settle for pix!

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