Almost Means “NOT!”

OK, so most of you know I’m an idiot! Those who don’t…now you know! Most of you have your coveted Ravelry invite…except Moi, who, as most of you know, couldn’t get it together enough to type my own stinking e-mail correctly (and yes, I have Mozilla, so what’s up with that? Did I keep typing over the pop up thing-y? Do I have so many e-mail accounts it had no idea which one I wanted it to fill in?). And, yes, I wrote them…I haven’t heard anything back yet (like they aren’t busy enough sending out thousands of invites per day without a goof-bucket like me pestering them for a screw-up I made!). And the anal in me had to go and check to see if they sent my invite (to the wrong addy), and here’s what I got:

Your invitation was sent on October 14, 2007. We just sent you a new copy of the email (from in case it was lost or eaten by a spam filter.

ARRRGGGHHH!!! Couldn’t you just die????

When I do get my invite (I’m 4-something thousandth on the list now), just look me up under OneStupidMama!!!


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