Funny Drummer Dude!

This is so not knitting related, but has caused quite a stir here at Casa Stro! May I present to you, for your viewing enjoyment, Funny Drummer Dude:

OKC: On the needles, a shawlette for my daughter’s best friend’s birthday!


2 thoughts on “Funny Drummer Dude!”

  1. OMG, that is so funny on so many levels! The guy practically plays “Wipe Out” in the middle of the ballad AND it’s a Korean song AND that it’s about a drummer–it’s priceless. I’m sharing this one for sure. Thanks!

  2. He was just *waaaaaay* over the top! Can you imagine Air Supply’s “All Out of Love” or REO Speedwagon’s “Take it on the Run” with drumming like that??M. 🙂

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