The Year of Personal Transformation

I know I’ve let my blogging go by the wayside a bit. Which is odd, since I do a fair amount of freelance writing. Like my knitting, writing serves as therapy when Life’s Little Moments descend. This year has had an exceptional number of them:

In February, my oldest (whom you may remember as the Little Red Scarf Dude), was diagnosed with epilepsy. This is in addition to auto-immune Type 1 diabetes. So far, we’ve been incredibly blessed. He had the two initial seizures, and has been seizure free since then, though he does suffer from migraines from time to time now.

In June, my beloved little LYS where I had worked and taught for just over four years closed its doors. It was bittersweet – sad, because I loved it so; happy, because the owner is off to bigger and better things in her life.

I’ve had to weather a few personal crises as well, the least of which was an abnormal mammogram (which eventually was biopsied, and is nothing of concern).

Then, last month, just when I thought maaaaaaaybe there’d be a pause for breath, my mom was diagnosed with cancer, and the prognosis currently does not look good at all.

Despite all of this, or more accurately, because of it all, I feel incredibly blessed. God has surrounded me with wonderful, supportive, loving people. He’s given me the strength and tenacity to deal with it all. And I have this wonderful craft that allows me to process Life through this incredible therapeutic filter.


8 thoughts on “The Year of Personal Transformation”

  1. Hugs and supportive thoughts are being sent your way. I hope to see you some time soon at a local knit night or at a Knitspiration meeting. Dianeaka Northside Knitter

  2. I hope your son is okay. My son was diagnosed with epilepsy last summer and things have been interesting here for the year as well. I hope he continues to do well.

  3. That’s a whole lot, one after another. Your grace and sweet spirit are a real blessing for everyone around you, I bet. Good thoughts your way.

  4. Thanks, Diane! My love you you & Sasha 🙂Thanks for the encouragement, Elspeth! I hope your son is well. Mine has been on Keppra, and we see the ped. neuro. next week for his quarterly visit. Hope the baby (who is not so much a baby anymore!) is thriving as well!Thanks, Stefaneener! I appreciate the kind words…they are much needed balm for the soul after a day like today (mom was moved to a nursing home :*( ).

  5. Oh Marie,nobody knows, for what we’ll be proofed by our life.I wish very strong nerves and a great breathtaking break every day to you and that everything will have a “happy-end”.Sending good vibrations, a big hug and a sunshine to you,Winni(WinniWollte at Rav.)P.S.Sorry for my german English, hope you’ll understand all what I’m meaning (o:

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