Rene’s Humane Helpers!

It’s Homeschool Service Project time again at Casa Stro. This time, my daughter is asking all knitters to help out with cat toys for our local Humane Society. Here are the details:

PATTERNS can be found here (furnished by the charity, though modifications below have been approved — pdf format — requires Adobe Reader*).

MODIFICATIONS: Toy #1 (sock): Sock can be knitted, try using this pattern (please stuff with lavender or chamomile, no catnip allowed per charity request).

Toy #2 (braid): I-cord can be substituted for fleece (i-cord tutorial here.

DEADLINE: The end of September (2009)

DETAILS: I will be posting a tag to use to designate the project. When completed, please use the tag provided. We’d also love a picture of your project. If local (as in, you know us and know where we live!), contact me and I will get them from you. If you are distant, please consider donating to your local shelter in my daughter’s name using the tag provided and send us a picture, so we can count it in her grand total!

BONUS THANK YOU! If you are local to the area and are a “youth knitter” (high school or under), and made a toy for the project, you are invited to take a tour of the facility with us in the Fall (just include your contact info with your project).

RAVELRY GROUP: If you are on Ravelry and want to join our project group, click here! Thank you for your support!

* free Adobe Reader


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