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Birthday: Knitting Pretties

My knitting pretties!

For my birthday this week, I got a few knitting pretties! First, I got a gift card & I purchased 2-at-a-Time Socks by Melissa Morgan Oakes. Because of my “Short Attention Span Theater” (also known as ADD), I’ve never been much of a sock knitter, but I do enjoy them, and knitting two at once is a stroke of genius for ADDers like me! I’m looking forward to checking out her companion tome, Toe-Up 2-at-a-Time Socks.

While waiting for the amazing Gunilla to fix me up at my Knit Doctor appointment at GPY, I got to schmooze with one of my very favorite people, and spent my birthday discount on Nature’s Wrapture. Soooooo many little pretties to knit!! I rarely knit for myself (and the one thing actually for me on the needles, I left at the kids’ homeschool choir class! Only a few more days until I get it back!)

My Double Crossing Diamonds Aran* is back on track (thanks, Doc!), and we think the book screwed up, not I, with the Jewel-Tone Wrap*, so much knitting awaits!

*Ravelry link


My ADD Sockette!

Those of you who really know me, know that my ADD prevents me from fully appreciating the sock knitting….LOL! Tiny needles? :::::shudder:::: But here’s proof that old dogs can learn new tricks!

What’s amazing about this sock is:

  • I used the short-row toe/heel method I had just learned at Stitches on Friday
  • I whipped this baby out in no time
  • I actually re-did the heel 3 times (I would have chucked it in the UFO pile while declaring sock knitting is for the birds BSL (Before Sock Love!)
  • I created/adapted a pattern!
  • It’s called My ADD Sockette because:

  • It’s wildly colorful like my personality
  • Short blips of color like my attention span
  • It took very little time to knit, thus, did not exceed my ability to attend to it
  • Specs:

    Yarn: 100% Merino by Creatively Dyed Colorway: Annato
    Needles: Magic looped using US #2

    Pour Moi?

    Oui, oui! Emy has hinted, scolded, ahem, remarked that as I rarely knit for myself, I ought to embark upon such an odyssey. While at the Yarn Swap at Purlescence yesterday, there was some rogue yarn that, in that siren’s call that yarn can sometimes have, up and deafeningly screamed in my ear, “Buy me, Woman, and knit yourself some fingerless gloves!” Now, being that I’m the kind of person to instantly snap to attention when talking yarn is involved, I did purchase the yarn. Now, please note, I was only there for the yarn swap. I had no intention walking in, that purchases would be involved (at least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!). I am halfway finished with the Warm Braid Cable Wristwarmers, and here’s a pic for your viewing pleasure.


    Yarn: Bamboozle – Crystal Palace – Color 444 (Rainforest)
    Amount of yarn – 2 skeins

    Needles: US size #9 circs (magic loop method)

    Pattern: Source can be found

    Edited to add: Forgot to mention I made a couple of modifications to the pattern: Because they are wrist warmers and I wanted fingerless gloves, I lengthened them. Instead of a 1″ rib on each end, I made it 2″ and added one cable repeat in the cable section.